Tomato Vine Hand Soap

I’m not usually a fan of artificially scented soaps (plain Castile Soap is one of my all-around favorite products), but I couldn’t pass on this soap from Method that claimed to smell like tomato vines.


I’m a tomato fanatic, and I love the scent of fresh heirloom tomatoes from my father’s garden. This soap REALLY does smell like the real thing! It’s a great addition to my “stay cheerful because Winter is almost over” arsenal, and it isn’t overpowering or purfume-y. (In fact, the scent doesn’t even stay on my hands after the soap is washed off.) It’s a limited edition product, and while I enjoy it tremendously, I don’t think I’m going to rush off to Target to cart off the rest of their stock… that means there will be plenty left for you, so check it out!

gel hand wash – Orla Kiely Spring Limited Edition – tomato vine – $4.49



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